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SD Orochiholic

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14 Aug 2018, 17:34

1. Your real name ?
2. Your game name ?
GX Orochiholic
3. What is your current rating ?
4. What is your maximum rating ?
Under previous system: 280
Under current system: 269
5. what hero you like ?
Garth, Serena, Banebow, Skervox, Gravebone, Lance, Ythan, Jericho
6. What heroes you have mastered ?
Garth, Serena, Skervox, Lance
7. telegram username ?
8.How long you are playing shadowera ?
5 or 6 years
9. Have you played any other TCG before ?
M:TG, Yu-Gi-Oh
10. What is your age and what country are you from ?
28, Puerto Rico
11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers .
I like drawing, reading, learning new things, watching movies and playing SE

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Re: Orochiholic

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14 Aug 2018, 17:35

Welcome to the house of Dragons!!
It's being a while since we have fun together building and practicing with weird/funny/creative decks.

I'm looking forward to extend our partnership, now as Dragon Brothers ;)
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Re: Orochiholic

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14 Aug 2018, 17:37

Welcome Jesus. Hope you won't judge us too much when we eat our enemies.
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