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13 Aug 2018, 15:13

My real name: Shreya
My game name : Cristle
My current rating: i think its the lowest of all- 8
Maximum rating is also 8
For me Boris Skullcrusher is the best.
I have not yet mastered any heroes yet.
My telegram username is Cristle1.
Its been just a month since i started playing.
Not really. No i haven't played any other TCG before.
I am 16 years old and i am from India.

I am just an average teenage girl. I love animes. It is the first game i am so much interested in. Before this i used to play detective and mystery games. I love drawing and writing poems. Hate study books but love story books. I may be annoying sometimes. And i am inquisitive. Thats it i guess. Oh and i love food and cooking.

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Re: Shreya(SD_Wildheart)

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13 Aug 2018, 15:16

Shreya The Wildheart, welcome to the Dragons
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