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SD Arnigrin

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15 Oct 2017, 12:10

Hi brothers and sisters!

I'm Arnigrin, member of SD High Council and first member of the guild, 

So let me answer the questions:

1. Your real name ? Thiago

2. Your game name ? SD Arnigrin

3. What is your current rating ? 312

4. What is your maximum rating ? 318

5. what hero you like ? I like all types of heroes but I mostly play with hunters and rogues.

6. What heroes you have ? I use to play: Baduruu, Ythan and Loest .

7. telegram username ? It's @arnigrin.
I do not often use the telegram but I will always try to answer whoever comes to me. 

8. How long you are playing shadowera ? I started to play SE together with our guild master( He called me to play) at February 2017.

9. Have you played any other TCG before ? I play Magic the Gathering and I am adept to commander format of the game.

10. What is your age and what country are you from ? I'm 25 now, and I'm from Brasil.

11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers . I am a simple person who seeks to play a game not to pay to win and make new friends. When Hellrider came and I introduced this game, I loved it, so we started this guild to find other players who share something with us and want to improve their game.
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