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SDKratos Dthbrngr

Posted: 24 Nov 2019, 12:32
by Zorn
1. Your real name : Shaishav Asher
2. Your game name Kratos Dthbrngr
3. What is your current rating 255
4. What is your maximum rating 272
5. what hero you like Garth Ravensoul
6. What heroes you have mastered Lance Shadowstalker, Garth Ravensoul, Bloodfang
7. telegram username Shaishav Asher
8.How long you are playing shadowera 3 years
9. Have you played any other TCG before No
10. What is your age and what country are you from 26 from India
11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers .
I am a professional chef working in the industry for the past 6 years..