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SD Faid

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25 Sep 2018, 05:17

Hello everyone! I am Faid.

1. Your real name ? Stephen
2. Your game name ? Blueleague5 (changing to SD Faid)
3. What is your current rating ? 248
4. What is your maximum rating ? 280
5. what hero you like ? Zaladar, Praxxis, Elementalis
6. What heroes you have mastered ? Zaladar
7. telegram username ? @SD_Faid
8.How long you are playing SE? Uhh probably 4 years
9. Have you played any other TCG before ? No
10. What is your age and what country are you from ? 22 from USA
11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers. I really enjoy socializing with people. Which makes people laugh when I tell them that I’m an accountant. I will be working after grad school as a tax associate. I chose Zaladar as my main because I really like his power moves, and with the recent update with Aural Battery he can be very good. I am open to trying to master hunter or a rogue. I really like playing Old School Runescape. That and SE are basically the only games I play. Other than that I love organizing numbers and doing tax research! I know that was jumbled up, but there is a little about myself :)
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Re: Faid

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25 Sep 2018, 05:48

Hey Stephen. Welcome to the dragons. So we can start collecting taxes now from guild members? :lol: :P
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Re: Faid

Post: # 1270Post ArcaneGod
25 Sep 2018, 08:56

Dont give him that idea Kolodi !! hahaha. But in any case a warm welcome to you Stephen and hope you will enjoy the company of all of us at SD! :)
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Re: Faid

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26 Sep 2018, 12:18

I'm a lover of elemental we should talk

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