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SD Siftin

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15 Aug 2018, 17:29

1. Your real name ? Robert
2. Your game name ? Siftin
3. What is your current rating ? 203
4. What is your maximum rating ? 203
5. what hero you like ? Banebow
6. What heroes you have mastered ? None
7. telegram username ? Siftin
8.How long you are playing shadowera ? 1 week
9. Have you played any other TCG before ? Yes.. Mabinogi duels. They decided to close down shop -- I found Shadow Era, as a replacement.
10. What is your age and what country are you from ? Ancient... 34, from the United States.
11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers? I have been a pc gamer, since I was five.. ( Started with Commodore64); Right now. I am mostly into fitness, nutrition, and programming.. Though most importantly, I am focusing on being a great dad, for my 5 month old son.

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Re: Siftin

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15 Aug 2018, 17:35

Hello and welcome Robert. Nice presentation. By the way, me too programmer. Can't wait to know you better ;)
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Re: Siftin

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17 Aug 2018, 14:15

Welcome, Siftin!!!

Good to have new ppl around, and it's nice that you have a mini Drake in your house ;)
I hope you will develop your wings to fly and protect him with fire, and also that soon you lil Drake will be breathing his first flames around hehe
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