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Midnight 5un
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SD Midnight 5un

Post: # 1115Post Midnight 5un
28 Jul 2018, 08:00

1. Your real name ?

Hi, my name is Renan Pantoja .

2. . Your game name ?

Actually, Midnight 5un.

3. . What is your current rating ?

I lose 10 in row (lol), maybe around 209-208.

4. . What is your maximum rating ?

Around 299.

5. . what hero you like ?
In this deck (Rogue), Garth.

6. . What heroes you have mastered ?

Garth, Threbin, Darkclaw, Majiya.. In different accounts lol

7. telegram username ?


8. .How long you are playing shadowera ?

I'm casual player, since 2012.

9. . Have you played any other TCG before ?

Yep, Yugioh and Shadow verse.

10. What is your age and what country are you from ?

27y, Brazil.

11. Some info about yourself . So that we can be brothers .

Well, i'm a regular guy. I like it read some mangas, hear music and training muay thai. I'm professinal cooker. Yeah, cooker. Not cuck.

This is all

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Re: My (late) apresentation.

Post: # 1116Post ArcaneGod
28 Jul 2018, 08:16

Nice presentation Bro. Good to have a senior player in the team. As well as someone who knows to cook hahaha. Looking forward to our games and you as dragon!
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Re: My (late) apresentation.

Post: # 1117Post SD Offspring
29 Jul 2018, 15:27

Hello man!!

Nice to have you here, and we all hope you will enjoy the house of the Dragons!!

What about cooking some Balor humans for dinner tonight? ;)
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Re: My (late) apresentation.

Post: # 1120Post KOLODI
29 Jul 2018, 15:51

Hey Renan, welcome to the dragon's, we are friendly dragons but can easily burn our enemies, so start to grow your wings and join us in the sky ;)
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