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SD Shakthi

Posted: 30 May 2018, 05:38
by shakthi
1. My original name is shakthivel ign is shakthivel
3. My current rating is 205
4. My highest rating is 217
5. I like gwenneth, baduru and ter adun's
6. I was not fully mastered all decks but I have best decks in gwenneth and baduru username is @shakthi1
8. I was playing shadow era from the past 3 years
9.I was played pokemon trade card game but now I was left pokemon TCG
10.I am now 15 years old and after 6 months I will become 16
11.I like to use stickers and gif to chat , I am a youtuber so I will make all the video of events to upload it in youtube.😊