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SD Kalameet

Post: # 558Post Death
16 Dec 2017, 13:43

real name: Ian
game name: SD Kalameet
current rating: 2
max rating: 290
heros I like: Mage heroes
What heroes I have: all mage and rogue heros
telegram username: @cinkiller
How long I've played SE: off and on since the beginning
Other TCG: duel links, shadowverse, and trid magic a while ago
Age and country: 21 from United States
Some info about me: I'm a gamer I play all kinds of games mostly on console, but I enjoy the strategy games on mobile like tcg. I am competitive when it comes to games but I also like to have fun ✌
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Re: Death

Post: # 559Post Vexmaw
16 Dec 2017, 17:12

Welcome to SD! I am from the states too, nice to have you with us!
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Re: Death

Post: # 564Post Zorn
16 Dec 2017, 21:50

Welcome in the Dragons house Ian !
You told me you want to play competition and so big tourneys next year, it will be cool that you integrate soon our Pro Tour team... but my first advise will be to learn fast how to play all class and heroes, and not just focus on Mages and Rogues.
I agree these 2 class are great but in big tourneys, most of the time you will have to play all class and most of heroes :)
SD Zorn
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Re: Death

Post: # 567Post KOLODI
16 Dec 2017, 22:29

Hello Ian. Welcome to the dragon's.
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Re: Death

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19 Dec 2017, 13:45

Welcome, Ian!

Good to have you ex 7DS guys with us.
Now it's time to show the Dragon power inside you!
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