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SD’s EntityofOmens
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EntityofOmens / Sophia

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22 Nov 2017, 22:20

“Hello, everyone! My real name, if one must know, is Sophia! However, I prefer to be called Soph or Sophie, but it honestly matters not. My name In-Game (Shadow Era) is (EntityofOmens), my name on this website is (SD’s EntityofOmens), and my name on the
(Shadow Era Forums) is (EntityofOmens)!
My current rating is 103(1972ND), and my top rating at the moment is 71(1677TH)!
What is my Hero like? XD. As for that, at the moment, I can not say. I don’t know who my favorite Hero IS to begin with. If you would like to know how many Heroes I have in all, you may want to message me on Telegram, because I have too many to count. Speaking of my (Telegram Name), it is (EntityofOmens). I have been playing (Shadow Era) for almost a week now, I would say, almost. I am Eighteen Years old, and I am graduated out of Highschool. I am currently working, mostly on the weekends, so I may be absent more around then. Other than that, I am pretty much doing nothing, because I am not in College at the moment. Oh, and of course I almost forgot to mention this! I live in the U.S.A:) Also, if you are wondering if I’ve ever played any other kinds of TCG’s, I have, Primarily Yu-Gi-Oh. I had MTG cards, but nobody to play with, so that went down the drain.”

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Re: About Me!!! :D

Post: # 449Post Unfurl
24 Nov 2017, 08:18

Welcome to SD Sophie :D

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Re: About Me!!! :D

Post: # 458Post Shytos
28 Nov 2017, 21:18

Welcom Soph! You'll soon burn Balor to the ground!

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Re: About Me!!! :D

Post: # 460Post KOLODI
29 Nov 2017, 13:02

Hey Sophia, welcome to the dragons
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Re: About Me!!! :D

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29 Nov 2017, 14:14

Welcome to the crew! (Late response, I am slow)
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Re: EntityofOmens / Sophia

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06 Dec 2017, 22:56

Yo yo Sophia!

Finally a light Dragon on SD!
Will you become SD Harbinger of the Light?
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