#3 BT vs SD Challenge

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#3 BT vs SD Challenge

Post: # 47Post Unfurl
09 Oct 2017, 08:08

1st place: SD Zorn (Boris)

Brackets: www.challonge.com/sdxbt3

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Re: #3 BT vs SD Challenge

Post: # 198Post Zorn
31 Oct 2017, 23:13

Here are the new rules used especially for this 3rd challenge (could be useful to register them for next events):

16 players (8 per guild) and there will be 2 different parts :

1/ Stage 1 :

-no direct elimination,
-each player is included in a group of 4 (so there are 4 groups of 4 players, with 2 BT + 2 SD in each)
-in each group, each players play 2 times their 3 opponents (one going first + one going second = it’s called a matchup) => everybody will play 6 games !
-for each 6 games, the FTA (First Turn Action) is fixed before starting the game (= no random FTA).
-then a Ranking will be done in each group, to classify the 2 best players in each group.
=> only 2 best players on each 4 group will move on to next stage !

To calculate this ranking, standard rules will apply :
-3 points per victory,
-1 point per draw,
-0 point per loss.

Rules for Heroes’choice :

-no mill / no stall 
-Deck & Heroes are not locked 
-For each matchup (i.e. 3 matchup per player), when scheduling to play, your opponent will decide to ban 2 heroes among the 32 heroes => so for your 2 games, you could choose the heroes you want in games 1&2, except the 2 heroes banned by your opponent.

*Reminder : you can use 2 different heroes in games 1&2 vs. same opponent… but you can also use same hero (it’s your choice to change -or not- your deck).

2/ Stage 2 (only for players ranked 1st and 2nd in stage 1) :

-standard popup rules with direct elimination (no mill/no stall + deck locked),
-each 8 players can choose a new deck (i.e. different that the ones used in stage 1) but this deck will be locked for all Stage 2,
-each players must send the hero they will choose to the TO (Tourney Organisator) before the start of Stage 2,
-each players ranked n°1 in their group at Stage 1 will face a player who was ranked n°2, but from another group

* Rewards from SD guild :
-500 SC for 1st 
-250 SC for 2nd
SD Zorn
The Ice Dragon

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