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Origin series 1 Garth Ravensoul- by Baelfyre Grey

Posted: 06 Jan 2018, 02:32
by Baelfyre Grey
"Stop thief!"
He wakes with a smile from an all too familiar dream of childhood memories,the life of an orphan in the streets of the Gaderi,unwanted and carefree,he lived a vagabond,a common thief who learned from a young age that he is all he has,all he can trust.As a boy he stole to survive,and soon stealing was all he knew..and the boy grew to bigger and better was a gud life,until that wretched day...

All he knew was balor was at war,a dark force has awoken and their king Rothem,was the first victim to it's grasp,heś heard stories of how he tapped into an ancient evil that consumed his soul,opening the gates to hell itself,and how the arch mage loest went missing in fort Rothem years ago,since then no one has heard the shrieks nor seen the ominous glow emnate from the fort .All seem to be well.

He was following a contract ,journeying to the ruins of layar,to excavate a relic of the long lost Ravensoul Revenants.Quite odd for a man from the coven of spellbanes to hire a rogue mercenary for a retrieval mission,he thought.The job pays,that's all that matters,another day of putting food in flo's plate,perhaps get her that necklace she eyed but wouldn't let him steal ..typical girl,he grinned to himself.

Layar is at ruins,once a magnificent city now turned to dust,the great war did take it's toll.He delved into the catacombs,seeking his treasure beneath the charred swords and skulls,salvaging what he can( finders keepers afterall),The floor is crushed bones ,the noxious smell would send anyone else abandoning the quest,but not him..heś used to every situation.

"Aarghh" careful as he is,heś cut himself from an old shard of something."damn it,now i need a new boot" he muttered to himself.He turned away and moved further ,to find a fully armored corpse just a few feet away.It had a charred face,with eyes seemingly looking like they burned out from inside.Surprisingly the body seems to have not decayed at all,but seemed far from human.The purple skin,the thick muscular framework,the long white hair,this was no doubt a warrior of the highest order,his adornments speak no different...He set himself down to investigate the corpse,and in it's belt he finds what he came looking for- the dagger of Ravensouls,just as it looked in the painting he was shown. It looked like an ordinary dagger with a single edge,his employer is delusional enough to believe that it traps the souls of those who's life it takes..stupid fairytales.

His job was done,as he turned around he notices something glowing in the dark floor.He leans in to find out that it's the object that injured him earlier,it seems to be a crystal of sorts,with his blood staining it's top.A strange purple light...almost as if it's trying to reach's almost as if it wants him to take it...He didn't think too much to pocketing it as he left,it was his nature to salvage anyway and the crystal might fetch him a good price.Once out the catacombs,he began his way back to Ravencrest,to home.

Ravencrest was an unknown city,with little interest to the priests and warriors,their jurisdiction didn't extend much into these walls.The city had too little to offer,so it was never attacked,a place that harbored the outlaws of society.He felt it was the place he finally fit in,and of course ,flo did play a major role in convincing him to stay.She was the only person he trusted,the only one he cared for.Although a thief herself,she had a sense of moral he never understood.She wanted to settle down,as a family,a notion he was not used to ,but was willing to try for her sake.

As he neared ravencrest,he saw fumes rising from the city.Alarmed,he raced his horse through the desert to find the city walls in ruin and fire everywhere,with wailings of women and children,fleeing from something .He jumped off his horse and knelt beside an old man in lying in the floor injured." What happened,who did this!??" He roared at him.".....Demon" ,said the old man,pointing to the direction where he feared not to see- to his home.

He ran as fast as he could through the fire,to find his home destroyed and something towering in the centre of the ruins.A dark figure with black armor stood with its back facing him.It's atleast 12 feet tall,with spikes in it's armor and skulls adorning it...but wait ,it's holding something...something that's moving.

" Flo"!!!!!!
He cried out as he saw his beloved hanging in the monster's arm,it's hand around her neck crushing it,all she could do was look at him...and with tear filled eyes get a few words out painfully... " Ga..rth".

He fell to his knees as he saw her neck break in the monster's arm,her eyes wet with tears,all he had was lost,all their hopes and dreams...lost.
Tears tricled down his cheek,while his whole body shook with rage.The monster now facing him ,it's next victim to be.

With a roar ,he threw himself at the demon,his swords slashing at full force in all directions,in a mad frenzy heś never known before.The's not even simply grabs him and tgrows him to the ground.
" why ...why can't i give it pain!!!!???" He roared to himself.His arm ,now broken but his will not,he threw himself at it again,only to be punched back into tge ground.
" i want to kill...kill!" Even as he said ,he knew he was going to die..but he couldn't go like this,not without avenging her.The monster was slowly approaching his side,he only has moments left..and he couldn't even make it bleed...

" the dagger" said a voice calmly in his head..this had never happened before to him.He quickly reached for the dagger,only to find that it had fused with the crystal he found earlier.The dagger ,now broader with a purple hilt,still having his bloodstain in it's edge set off an ominous glow." Use it..there will never be an enemy too big to kill,ever again" once again said the voice which now he realised came from the fused dagger.

There was no time to question it's credibility,he threw the dagger at full force at the monster's chest.The dagger met its mark,it didn't bounce off the demon's armor ,it stuck deep into its chest ,piercing it.
The demon stopped in it's trails,and with a thud the towering beast was down and lay motionless.It was over.

He stood up,retrieving the ravensoul dagger and watching it glow,he knew..that this was just the beginning of something more to come.The dagger is now a part of him,his weapon of avenging..there will be no more victims,he can now exist for something bigger than himself.

War is coming,and Garth Ravensoul is ready for it.