The Lore of Vexmaw

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The Lore of Vexmaw

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19 Nov 2017, 20:15

Foreword: this article was the inspiration for my lore (I am a HUGE Elder Scrolls fan, especially Morrowind)

-Vexmaw, Seed of Ogloth, Prophet of Vull, Warrior of the Endless Fire-

Vull was known to be a creator as well as a destroyer in ancient times. He created many spirits in his own likeness, which went both good and evil. One of his good spirits was consumed by Ogloth the Glutton in battle before the Shadow Gates opened. Ogloth then excreted (pooped) the spirit out in the form of the evil, cunning, ruthless Vexmaw.

Ogloth was proud of his corruption of a good, beautiful spirit, and allowed Vexmaw to live. Vexmaw now bears close likeness to Vull and Ogloth, having been created twice, once by each, and bears the might of both. The evil Vexmaw, being created in the manner in which he was, immediately began to destroy the innocent. Fire, ice, and poison were all at his disposal. He used them all without discrimination. Once he met the Shadow Dragons, he was shown the true potential of his destructive force. When the Shadow Gates opened, all Hell poured from Vexmaw's very soul onto the weak, pitiful, tasty humans... Spreading the hate of Vull and the ravenous appetite for destruction of Ogloth...

(I feel like my Winged Redeemer avatar looks like Vull in the eyes, and Ogloth with his horns. And he is green like poop)
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Re: The Lore of Vexmaw

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20 Nov 2017, 08:11

This is great.. ahahhah

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