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Code of Conduct

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Shadow Dragons Preferred Conduct
Written by SD Vexmaw

1) Read and respect the Shadow Era Code of Conduct ... of-Conduct

2) Be friendly! We represent the Shadow Dragons guild every time we interact with other players in the community.

3) Always assist other Dragons with deck builds if they ask for help. Keep those builds within the Shadow Dragons unless the original owner gives you permission to share outside of the guild.

4) Try to participate in tournaments, whenever possible. It’s always good to represent our guild on the competitive scene.

5) Always try to help new players in-game. We were all noobs at some point!

6) Do not make any public statements and/or announcements on behalf of the guild without approval of a majority of Dragons and a Dragon Council member. We have official methods of announcements.

7) Disclaimer: Dragon Council members have the right to change, amend, interpret or abolish these guidelines as needed.
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