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by ArcaneGod
17 Mar 2021, 08:19
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD ArcaneGod / Jeff
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Re: SD ArcaneGod / Jeff

Hi Guys,

I am using the following IGN:

- SD Hazzard (my alt)
- SD Enigma (renamed my old one so I won't offend anyone of their religious belief)

Now that I am known, I won't be an enigma to you and our guild ;)

by ArcaneGod
25 Sep 2018, 08:56
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD Faid
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Re: Faid

Dont give him that idea Kolodi !! hahaha. But in any case a warm welcome to you Stephen and hope you will enjoy the company of all of us at SD! :)
by ArcaneGod
24 Sep 2018, 21:48
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD Evhellon
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Re: Evhellon

Hi Bro, welcome to the dragon house. Looking forward to build great decks with you. Lets make Jeri the greatest hero in Balor. :)

See you around!
by ArcaneGod
19 Sep 2018, 00:22
Forum: Public Feedback
Topic: test
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Re: test

Cool bot
by ArcaneGod
27 Aug 2018, 14:01
Forum: Challenges & Events
Topic: Fifth internal tournament
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Re: Fifth internal tournament

by ArcaneGod
28 Jul 2018, 08:16
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD Midnight 5un
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Re: My (late) apresentation.

Nice presentation Bro. Good to have a senior player in the team. As well as someone who knows to cook hahaha. Looking forward to our games and you as dragon!
by ArcaneGod
15 Jul 2018, 23:26
Forum: Challenges & Events
Topic: Which are you favorite arts in SE card?
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Re: Which are you favorite arts in SE card?

Thanks for starting the topic :) Here are some of my fav arts : Warrior - Rothems Visage Hunter - Crimson vest Mages - super nova Priest - rod of smiting
by ArcaneGod
22 Jun 2018, 00:37
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD Shade
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Re: PhoenixKrystal

Hi Andres welcome I hope you will have a great time here with this awesome guys! Looking forward seeing you become a strong dragon! See you in the game in the chat!
by ArcaneGod
19 Jun 2018, 10:35
Forum: People Admission
Topic: SD Jin
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Re: Jellow admission presentation :D

Welcome Jin to the group! Looking forward in our games.... and ohh another tech dragon in the house!! :D
by ArcaneGod
15 Jun 2018, 09:10
Forum: Challenges & Events
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Hi Zorn, How are you? Thanks for the comment I have updated Quest 6 and 10 as suggested. For Quest 7, good point about stardust actualizer that could work with lots of dragon ally (i have also in mind Nathanias for human). But not sure if reactionary is considered a dragon though.. For this quest we...